Corporate Entertainment

Trade Shows - Exhibitions - Promotional - Product Launches

magician Masks and Magic are proud to present a magical experience at your next exhibition, trade show or product launch.

Your company can spend a fortune building impressive trade show stands, but at the end of the day, the key to success is interaction! Masks and Magic can offer unique marketing strategies to companies promoting their services at exhibitions or tradeshows.

Magic is a powerful tool for attracting visitors to your stand, stopping exhibition traffic and attracting new delegates and clients. This will be achieved by creating and scripting customised magical effects and illusions to promote your company's products and services, together with your key USPs.

The goal of a successful trade show is to gain new prospects, so by linking the magic to your products, Masks and Magic can help your sales team build and enhance relationships.

Remember Magic Can!

  • Maximise sales and leads
  • Amplify your products, services and company message
  • Turn your product or service into the X Factor of any exhibition
  • Create a highly visual and memorable presentation
  • Produce brand awareness
  • Raise your company's profile, allowing you to stand out from your competitors
  • Inform and entertain your delegates


Dinners - Galas - Banquets - Summer Balls

Masks and Magic has helped hundreds of companies entertain their guests at promotional events, dinners, banquets and special occasions, by performing walk around mix and mingle magic as your guests arrive at the venue for pre-dinner drinks or perhaps between courses.

Magic is a great ice-breaker allowing your guests to interact and socialise.  This helps the evening to flow and run smoothly and at the same time gives your guests an entertaining and truly magical experience they will remember and think about long after the event has ended.

During the meal your personal magician will visit each table, performing magical effects that can  be tailored to include the theme of the evening or promote your company’s message.

Remember many people have never seen magic close up before, only on the TV, so it is a true talking point and a memorable experience.


(Adult version of the Sorcerors Apprentice)

Why not let Masks and Magic bring a combination of fun and entertainment to a worthwhile teambuilding exercise.  Become a sorcerer’s apprentice for the day and learn magic with personal tuition from award winning magic circle member Terry Knight.

Terry will teach the group of candidates between 4 – 6 basic magic tricks for the first part of the day.   The candidates will then be split into groups where under Terry’s watchful eye and guidance will put together a small magic show which will be performed at the end of the day. Constructive feedback will be given to all the candidates who will be allowed to keep the tricks as a souvenir at the end of the course, plus a certificate to say  they have taken part in a very important and rewarding experience. 

Terry will then perform a mini cabaret to bring the course to a close. The candidates can then relax but hopefully go home at the end of the day having learnt something new about themselves.

This course aims to highlight and promote some very useful skills, such as Public Speaking, working together as a team, managing others, working within a timescale under pressure and thinking on your feet to name a few. Successful magic can be one of the most difficult things to perform in public, so let Terry help you to acquire and promote some of these skills but in a light hearted and fun manner. There is a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 12 people per course.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and add the finishing touches to your truly magical event.

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